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Dreaming of running a business without the daily headaches of managing the hiring/ terminating, payroll, benefits and workers compensation cost and claims?

Would you eliminate all those headaches if it could be done cheaper than what it currently cost your company? Of course, you would consider that option, which is why we at Leading Edge Corporation, Inc. invite you to consider the many obvious and hidden benefits with handing this over to our expert team and never worry about it again!

For companies who struggle to provide attractive health benefits to their employees, you will be able to afford offering this to your employees at no
additional cost to you. How does this work you ask?

Without any obligation on your behalf, our consultants will sit down with your executive leadership team and compare your current burden rate for your staff to what the savings would be by moving all payroll, benefits and workers comp insurance over to us. The financial justification is often enough to make the decision, but some of the softer benefits of shedding the aggravation that employee related issues cause for a smaller and midsized company, and offering your employees a better HR experience through online portals are worthy mentions. Think of it, never another employee related expense, all at a cost lower than what your company currently face…..And your employees will now have health insurance at no extra cost to you!!

As you scale your business, all you have to do is let us know the skillset you are looking for and we will work on vetting all candidates, present you with the best options for the job and let you make the final decision. We then perform all the required background checks, get the individual onboarded and viola, your latest team member is ready to go to work. All this is done at no extra cost to you.

A dedicated consultant will be assigned to your account so that you always have someone to turn to for support and requests. We will take it from there so you don’t have to spend time on it.

Now that you can focus on growing your company without all the distractions, you will soon wonder why you hadn’t done this long time ago! Come join the thousands of companies who already reap the benefits of working with us

Managed Payroll, Health Benefits & Workers Comp Services
Payroll, including payroll taxes and garnishments
Payroll Reporting
Health Benefits
New Hire identification
Workers Compensation Insurance
Workers Compensation Claim Handling
Employer/employee web portals

Temporary Staffing
Tell us the position and skillset you are looking for and we will do the rest
We will search our database for qualified candidates
We will advertise and screen applicants
We will present you with the best available candidates for the job and let you perform a job interview
We will then onboard them and handle all their payroll, benefits and workers comp while they work for your company.